I am Snow White 1999-2010

"Being oneself" makes one panicky and anxious. The character that changes in this work expresses symptoms of illness. Analyzing them and the self-recognition of a mentally ill patient would be exhibited! How can one utter sophistry to justify one’s mental illnesses and confuse others? "I'm Snow White and that's why…" The evolution of simple logic may seem ridiculous, but underneath that escapism is fully taking effect.

I Got Super Strong Courage


I grew up in a country with a unique political culture. As children we were taught a partial history, the creation of which was influenced by politics. At the time, the attitude was that this would shield children from past hardships, conflicts and difficult situations. Growing up, I gradually realized that people around me were told completely different stories, and Taiwan was not considered a country by the rest of the world. Because of this, Taiwanese people feel that establishing identity is a difficult and important mission.

Girls 2009-2013

The “Girls” series is referred to by many as the “Falling Down” series. The girls in the photographs and also the girls that have been transformed into animals are all captured from the bottom-up in a “falling-down” mode. My objective is to talk about the ambiguous self-awareness and the singularized value outlook observed in today’s modern life, and also the sense of frustration arising from that.

My Peony Pavilion 2015~

A new Asian woman has risen along with the wave of K-pop. K-pop has taken the world by storm including Europe and the United States while having an unprecedented impact on young people of Taiwan. However, Korean popular culture has reached further than just the young, as seen with fans of Korean dramas and movies that span across different age groups. The rise of the Korean Wave is in part due to support and efforts exerted by the South Korean government, but I believe the shift in Asian women’s self-awareness also plays a critical role.


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